1. To Bergen

By plane
The easiest way to reach Bergen from abroad is by Bergen Airport Flesland, situated outside of Bergen. From the airport, you may take the airport bus, which takes approximately 40 minutes and costs NOK 160 for a round-trip ticket. Alternatively, you may take a taxi, which will cost around NOK 300-500 depending on the time of day and traffic conditions. It is also possible to rent a car, if you would like to do this, please contact a rental company.

By train
It is possible to reach Bergen by train from several cities around Norway. If booked well in advance, a domestic train ride will cost around NOK 200-300 one way. Please see for booking information.

By car
Bergen can be reached from any part of Norway by car. If you are arriving from Oslo, it is a good idea to start early, as the drive will take most of the day. Please note that Bergen can be a confusing city to drive in, so it is advised to bring a map of Bergen city center or to use a GPS.

Note that none of the hotels we have booked have parking spaces. There are however parking garages nearby both hotels. Expect a daily fee of around NOK 200 for the parking garages.

2. How to get to NHH from the city center

From the city center, you can take almost any red and white bus that goes north out of the city center to NHH. You can ask the bus driver to ensure that the bus is stopping at NHH.
You may purchase tickets on the bus is cash, or with a credit card at the bus stop opposite the Fish Market. A one-way ticket is NOK 31/41. For more information, visit